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Fragrance List

Relaxing Fragrances

Identical to freshly picked lavender flowers. Bursting with floral aroma. 

Lavender & Lemon
A sweet citrus herbal fragrance based around sparkling lemon and fresh herbal lavender, supported by notes of vanilla and amber.

Lavender & Rosemary
Top notes of lavender and rosemary are enhanced with the freshness of mint.
A base of hay-dried lavender flowers, combined with vanilla, cedar, and musk, creates this classically aromatic scent.

Relaxing Embrace
Soothe the senses & experience the relaxing embrace of bergamot, rosemary & peppermint wrapped in a comforting medley of lavender & geranium. On dry down, musk, sandalwood & patchouli delicately unite to bring the fragrance to a calming close.

Sleep Assisting
Blended with nature’s most relaxing and soothing essential oils, the Sleep Assisting Blend helps you find restful sleep and sweet dreams. Be good to yourself and let this heavenly blend work it's holistic magic on body, mind and spirit.

Stress Relief
This fragrance is reputed to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress. Its refreshing aroma will allow your uplifting and carefree nature to resurface.

If you're struggling to cope with day to day tasks or finding it difficult to tackle each day head-on, this is the blend for you. The carefully selected combination  will assist in reducing issues caused by anxiety. It's time to stop dreading life and embrace it.

Fruity Fragrances

Raspberry Sloe Gin
A scrumptious sloe gin infused with luscious raspberries, fresh zesty hints, juniper berries with floral notes of jasmine on a base of sweet vanilla and musk.

Thai Lime & Mango
A refreshing zest accord with mouth watering Indian lemongrass, Italian lemon and Thai lime supported with fresh pineapple, melon, grapefruit and juicy mango.

Lime Basil & Mandarin
A mouth-watering fragrance full juicy limes, zesty bergamot and ripe mandarins.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla
A mouth-watering accord of ripe raspberries and vanilla pod, top notes of black currant, blueberry, orange and bergamot, smoothed by hints of lush strawberries, floral notes of jasmin all resting on a base of vanilla orchid, musk & sandalwood.

Nectarine & Honey Blossom
Succulent nectarine, peach and cassis and delicate spring flowers melt into the note of acacia honey. Top notes of sweet, ripe nectarine, Peach, Bergamot with middle notes of Cassis, Stem Green and Honeysuckle Blossoms.  Bottom notes of Vetiver, Acacia Honey and Musk.

English Pear & Freesia
A fresh fruity floral accord with notes of juicy pear, followed by soft florals of freesia and rose supported by patchouli, amber and sheer musk.  Similar in style and identity to the iconic well known fragrance.

Amber Orange & Vanilla
Anti-Tobacco Odour Eliminator Fragrance Oil. A rich Oriental fragrance with warm amber, orange and cedarwood enriched by musk and vanilla pod. 

Strawberry Daiquiri
A bold fragrance of the ever-popular frozen beverage. Fresh red ripe strawberries and quenching orange notes are accompanied with white rum, vanilla and lime.

The deliciously sweet smell of Raspberries will have you reminiscing over country cottages, spring picnics and wild, freshly-picked berries. This fragrance is perfect for burning in your room all day and night to soothe and relax you before bed.

Cherry Amaretto
An intriguing blend of rich amaretto and sweet cherry. A powdery and delicately soft floral fragrance with notes of pink rose, lily and smooth vanilla.

Raspberry & Coconut
A sumptuous fruity accord opening with top notes of refreshing coconut water enhanced by juicy ripe raspberry and summer peach. The floral heart of violet and neroli reaches into a sweet fond of vanilla.

Blackberry & Bay
Similar in notes and identity to the popular scent.  Featuring grapefruit, floral notes, vetiver, cedar, a burst of blackberry juice and bay leaf.

Rhubarb & Rose
A mouth-watering rhubarb fragrance blended with tea rose and hints of pineapple on a base of musk, velvety woods and dry fruits.

Rhubarb & Lemon
Sharp and sweet at the same time. The tartness of the Rhubarb is contrasted with the gorgeous lemon scent which produces a truly uplifting fragrance.

Sweet Orange, Rose Geranium & Patchouli
Sweet and uplifting rose geranium blended with juicy sweet orange and deep, earthy patchouli to create a well-rounded fragrance.

Sweet Orange
A sweet, fresh-fruity scent.

A mouth-watering aroma of juicy fresh ripe apricots accompanied by enchanting floral undertones.

Blackberry & Ylang Ylang
An oriental fruity, fresh floral with top notes of ripened blackberries & freshly grated nutmeg, adds spice to this sumptuous blend that is uplifted by , Sicilian winter lemons, jasmine, Orchid and amber all resting on a base of powdery Musk, Sandalwood & Amber.

Combines the scents of blackberry, blackcurrant, dewberry, raspberry, and apple. Perfect for those of you who love a rich, fruity scent that captures the spirit of summer. 

A powerful and vibrant scent reminiscent of a tub of ripe cherry's while retaining all the sweetness.

The aroma of this fragrance is rich, sweet and intensely fruity, a mouth-watering scent that is good enough to eat.

Plum & Patchouli
Notes of plum, cassis, cinnamon, vanilla, patchouli & rich dark fruits.

Plum & Rhubarb
A vibrant fruity accord of fresh rhubarb and juicy plum supported with interludes of ripe pear and sweet peach with vanilla and sugar in the base.

Sweet Orange & Patchouli
A luxurious fragrance with a hint of mysticism. With velvet top notes of precious wood, geranium, leading on to a heart of patchouli, followed by cedarwood atlas, amyris and the finest Virginian cedar. Combined with soft citrus notes on a base of sandalwood with vetivert, amber and moss. Creating an uplifting & sensual scent.

Passion Fruit Martini
Fresh passionfruit comes alive in this amazing fragrance, blended beautifully with zesty lime, vanilla and that all important hit of champagne, to make this a perfect dupe of the nation’s favourite cocktail.

Orange & Sandalwood
Escape to the spa and find your inner peace with this calming fragrance. Zesty notes of orange harmonise with the soothing, woody essence of sandalwood while beautiful, sweet florals captivate your senses. 

Plum & Vanilla

Black Cherry
Beautiful aroma of ripened sweet black cherries.

Fresh Fragrances

A fresh, woody-sweet fragrance.  Proven to deter pesky bugs & flies.

Lime & Lemongrass

Citrus and herbaceous scents give this fragrance oil a fresh and

clean aroma. 


Lime & Vanilla
A sweet citrus accord of lime supported by lemon and orange on a confectionary base of vanilla.

A crisp, sweet, fresh aroma.

Fresh Linen
Freshness personified. It is a scent that is light, airy and wonderfully clean. This high-quality fragrance is a pleasure on the nose and uplifting.

Baby Powder
Invigorate any space with this fresh aroma. Light and delicate, perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere.

Smells exactly like the popular soap bar scent.

Green Tea & Bergamot
Immerse yourself in a refreshing and vibrant floral experience, as soft cool stems intertwine with the invigorating essence of bergamot. The fragrance unfolds with delicate notes of sweet rose and lily, evoking a sense of pure elegance.

Green Tea & Mint
A cooling scent of mint, blended with the citrus scents of orange and mandarin.

Patchouli & Eucalyptus
Crisp, woody notes of fresh Eucalyptus and warming Cedar are delicately blended with earthy Patchouli to create a truly spa-like harmonising blend.

Fairy Laundry
A caring floral fragrance opening with fresh aldehydic nuances, delicate violet and soft milk aspect leading to a heart or rose, Jasmine, peony & lavender supported by a base of amber, woods, soft musk and a hint of honey sweetness.

Izzy Miyake
A fresh fragrance composed of delicate, light flowers combined with rose and lotus.  Smells exactly like the perfume.

Imagine a warm tropical breeze and experience the soothing Seychelles scent of fresh bergamot, coconut and  juicy orange with hints of amber and vanilla.

Coconut & Lime
A sweet coconut and lime fragrance opening with lime, lemon, orange, apple and coconut leading into a soft floral heart resting on a sweet base of vanilla, musk and gentle woods.

Patchouli & Lime
Lime adds citrus undertones to the earthy scent of the patchouli.

Sherbet Lemon
This nostalgic fragrance is bursting with sweet citrus and zesty aromas to make your mouth water!

Lemongrass & Rosemary
A fresh, sweet, citrusy aroma. It is a stimulating and refreshing blend of essential oils ideal for when you need a little boost to your day.

Eucalyptus & Lemon
An invigorating scent blending the zesty essence of citrus Lemons with the soothing aroma of natural Eucalyptus. Feel refreshed as the citrus notes uplift while the earthy undertones ground you.

Lemongrass & Coconut
A lush fragrance opening with notes of citrus and ripe fruits leading fresh lemongrass with sweet herbal notes in a heart supported by rose, jasmine and ylang resting on a base of woods, musk and sweet vanilla.

Flowery Fragrances

Take a journey through enchanted woodland surrounded by the first joys of spring with this gorgeous fragrance.  Combining the sweet scents of bluebell and hyacinth, with notes of galbanum, rose and jasmine. 

English Rose
The light, sweet, floral scent with the sweetness of spring and the delicate scent of a rose embrace you and soothe the mind.

Treat yourself to a divine aroma that evokes images of summer delights and the sweet smell of honeysuckle on the vine.

A lightly scented and exotic floral fragrance, identical to freshly picked Jasmine flowers. Its sweet floral aroma is valued for its calming properties and creates a warm and relaxing ambience.

Plum Rose & Patchouli

Juicy notes of plum, cassis and rich dark fruits, combined with spices of cinnamon. Floral notes of rose and jasmine are surrounded by sweet vanilla and sensual patchouli.

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily
An oriental woody fragrance. It includes aromas of black cardamom, ginger and pink pepper in the top notes; the middle notes are jasmine, orchid, water lily and rose; while the base notes encompass leather, sandalwood, kyara incense, patchouli, black amber.

A soft floral accord of freesia, white musk, lily of the valley and powdered violet.

Peony Blush & Suede
The true essence of charm.  Peonies in voluptuous bloom, exquisitely fragile.  Flirting with a juicy bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower.  Mingling with the sensuality of soft, blush suede.  This fragrance is luxurious and seductive.

Lotus Blossom & Water Lily

A fresh, vibrant lily fragrance with top notes of bergamot, tangerine and dewy green notes, supported by a heart of lotus, freesia and rose smoothed by a musky floral base.

Exotic Indian Rose

A rich, luxurious musky rose accord supported by sumptuous dominant notes of East Indian sandalwood and intoxicating amber.

Velvet Rose & Oud

Immerse yourself in the captivating aroma of this exquisite fragrance, a beautiful blend with its rich, oriental floral composition. Opening with an enchanting bouquet of oud, rose, geranium, jasmine, and a hint of clove. As it evolves, notes of praline add a touch of sweetness, while the velvety base emerges with cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, amber, musk, vanilla, patchouli, and a subtle hint of raspberry.


This fragrance explodes into a bouquet of sensations with its addictive floral notes, with harmonious sparkling top notes of mandarin and orange, middle notes of Sambac jasmine with a hint of orange tree, Catleya orchid, freesia and Centifolia rose and a woody base note of Patchouli. 

Sweet Fragrances

Blackcurrant Jam

A mouthwatering accord with top notes of blackcurrant preserve with a touch of soft vanilla. 

Coconut & Lemon

Creamy Coconut partners so well with, and is enriched by bright, zesty Lemon. A Floral, Oriental heart with a Vanilla base is completes this delicious fragrance.


Sheer indulgence! This unique scent will evoke images of the tropics, a warm summer breeze and delicious coconuts. Coconut is a must-have to enhance the ambience in your home!


This romantic and sensual fragrance is rich and creamy and far from overpowering. Subtle tones of vanilla, sweet florals and a slightly musky scent.

Blueberry Muffin

Freshly baked blueberry muffins have never smelt so good! Juicy notes of blueberries accompanied by orange zest, vanilla and almond. Yummy!

Blueberry & Vanilla

A sweet, mouth-watering blueberry accord with nuances of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant on a substantive base of vanilla.

Cherry & Vanilla

A rich compote of succulent, plump cherries on a back drop of summer berries and smooth almond blended with sweet vanilla fragrance intoxicated with smooth almond, coconut flesh and powdered sugar.


It's time to wake up and smell the coffee! Dark roasted coffee beans fragranced with a gentle touch of cocoa. A scent so close to the smell of coffee, it will leave you feeling rejuvenated and energised.

Spiced Chocolate Macaroon

A delightful blend of rich chocolate and warm spices, complemented by sweet and nutty aromas reminiscent of freshly baked macaroons.

Chocolate & Raspberry

A rich dark chocolate accord surrounds luscious ripe raspberry.

Chocolate & Lime

An oriental accord with top notes of citrus lemon and lime with a rich floral heart of jasmines and an edge of chocolate on a sensual base of candied fruits, vanilla, patchouli and musk.

Chocolate & Coconut

Sweet coconut flesh soothed with delicate white florals blended with a decadent scent of milk chocolate, vanilla bean and creamed sugar.

Chocolate & Vanilla

A luxurious chocolate aroma blended with sweet vanilla fragrance intoxicated with smooth almond, coconut flesh and powdered sugar.

Chocolate & Ginger

The warmth of fresh Ginger and Dark Chocolate.

Chocolate & Orange

With a base note of cocoa and the sweet zesty burst of orange, this warming fragrance is truly reminiscent of the classic famous chocolate orange.

Coconut & Vanilla

Creamy coconut and sweet vanilla combine for a rich and full aroma.

Chocolate & Peppermint

A creamy peppermint and vanilla with a strong down of bitter sweet chocolate.

Chocolate Eggs

A festive chocolate Easter egg accord with notes of rich cocoa, thick dairy cream and sweet sugar.

Hot Cocoa

This delicious scent resembles the sweet, warm fragrance of hot chocolate. Perfect for those cold winter nights curled up on the sofa.

Hazelnut Cappuccino

A milky-sweet, nutty, gourmand coffee type with top notes of fresh coffee, milky hazelnut, maple, coconut milk and rum, middle notes of heliotrope, peach, and cinnamon, with a soft musky sweet vanilla bean base note.

Jamaican Cafe & Walnut

A hypnotizing infusion of freshly ground, lightly roasted coffee beans sprinkled with crunchy walnut and a dusting of the finest smooth cocoa.

Cafe Mocha

A mouth-watering medley of fresh coffee, cream and caramel.

Cinnamon Buns

A spicy cinnamon accord with warm nutty undertones along with the aroma of fresh baked bread.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Mouthwatering top notes of sharp lemon, citrus, creamy dairy, slight jasmine with a pine rose undercurrent. Completed with base notes of vanilla and musk.

Carrot Cake

A delicious accord with notes of walnut and chestnut, sweet and spicy notes of ginger, cinnamon and clove blended with whipped vanilla buttercream and cake.


A spiced cookie, with a freshly baked character with hints of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.  


A unique accord. One with an unrivalled balance of both sweet and spice. A marriage of notes that were made for each other - better together than apart. The enveloping accord leaves behind an irresistibly crunchy caramelised biscuit aroma. 

Pecan Pie

Treating yourself has never been so easy. Enjoy the aroma of fresh southern pecans smothered in a creamy praline butter sauce with a perfectly baked crust.

Woody/Musky/Spicy Fragrances

Frankincense & Black Cherry

The warm, aromatic aura of Christmas with frankincense immersed in warm amber, rock rose and myrrh lifted by a top note of black cherry. These are complimented by three regal woods from the Orient; cedar, vetivert and patchouli.

Vanilla Spice

A rich, edible smelling, spicy accord of cream vanilla in harmony with cinnamon bark and clove buds with supporting notes of tonka bean, Peru balsam, coconut, pineapple and benzoin.

Cocoa & Patchouli

An intense cacophony of pleasantly intrusive fragrance notes. Rich seductive patchouli, sweet berries and flower heads heavily laden with nectar, are cut through with earthy spices and balanced with the slight bitterness of dark cocoa.

Black Raspberry & Peppercorn

Strong, sophisticated and sweet.  Reminiscent of a passionate tango, this fragrance exudes seduction and power with its masterful fruity and floral accords lit up with fiery spice.


A woody, exotic scent from the Far East. It's an excellent choice for renewing positive energies and was used as a natural aphrodisiac in ancient times. This popular scent is perfect when it comes to creating a sensual and intimate ambience.


A fresh, crisp ginger fragrance enriched by sparkling verbena.

White Patchouli

A rich sensual woody floral fragrance with finest patchouli harmonised by fresh bergamot and white flowers, including peony, night jasmin and rose all resting on an intense base of blonde woods, incense and ambrette seeds.

Patchouli Leaves, Lavender & Lime

Soft English garden lavender accord enhanced by herbal accords and fresh citrus top notes supported by middle notes of geranium, lavender flowers all resting on a base of patchouli.

Dark Orchid

This heady fragrance combines sensuous florals with rich, fruity accords. 

Wild Fig & Cassis

Top Note Wild Fig Ripe and earthy, wild fig is instantly reminiscent of Mediterranean warmth. Heart Note Mediterranean Pine Clean and reviving, the purity of woody pine balances the fruitiness of fig and cassis. Base Note Musk Musk enriches the base of the fragrance to create cocooning and embracing softness.


A vibrant aroma - earthy, sweet and balsamic. It is excellent in soothing a tired mind and relieving stress. Indulge in the woody scents of the east by enjoying this sensual and exotic fragrance.

Sandalwood & Vanilla

A delicate blend of scents that include coconut milk and warm cinnamon, with hints of Jasmine and Sandalwood, with cedar, musk and vanilla. 

Black Opium

A warm oriental spicy fragrance with top notes of pink pepper, orange blossom and pear, leading to a heart of orchid and coffee and a sumptuous base of amber, patchouli, vanilla and cedar.

Ginger & Sandalwood

A fiery opening of ginger, cinnamon and black pepper meets fresher notes of eucalyptus and birch leaf. The rich, dry earthiness of vetiver and patchouli mixes with the creaminess of sandalwood, amber and sun-beaten leather accords to capture the intensity of red earth and celebrate its raw beauty.

Wood Sage & Seasalt

A warm, sophisticated fragrance where sage and grapefruit are intertwined with hints of bergamot and tangerine. The invigorating heart of this fragrances is freshened by nuances of seaweed, sea breeze and minerals. All smoothed by a base of musk, amber & cedarwood.

Black Pomegranate

A spicy accord opening with pink pepper, cardamom, armoise, thyme, frankincense, lime and lemon leading into a heart of clove, patchouli and lily with fruity notes of apple, plum and raspberry on a base of amber, tobacco, cedarwood, guaiacwood, cistus and musks.

Coco Sandalwood

Starting with notes of coconut milk, cedarwood and sandalwood and rests on a base of musk and vanilla.

Black Coconut

Generating and releasing a smooth vanilla accord with additional notes of coconut, leading into a heart of vanilla and tonka.


Releasing a wonderful combination of delightful scents and provides a strong and prominent smell associated with lemon, bergamot and orange zest.  Identical to the perfume.

Guilty Pleasure

A floriental accord with top notes of mandarin, schinus molle, geranium, peach, cassis, floral notes including lilac, jasmine, violet and muguet.  All supported on a fond of patchouli, musk and amber.

Bay & Rosemary

Aromatic rosemary and zesty lemon embrace a core of muguet blossoms, clary sage and cyclamen. A gentle, woody base with musk adds another layer to this rich, seasonal fragrance.

Persian Bazaar

Exquisitely warm and dusky, almost hypnotic. Deliciously heady rose basking in the evening sunlight entangled with a clambering white jasmine, encased in a soft bed of powdery musks.

Ylang Ylang

The sweet, nutty and fresh scent of Ylang Ylang will calm and soothe. It is a sensual, floral fragrance with notes violet and rose, resting on a musky base. It is wonderful for restoring a sense of inner calm and balance.

Irish Turf

The blend of precious woods, cedarwood, patchouli, and other earthy scents create a complex and inviting scent that will leave you feeling both cozy and invigorated. 

Nag Champa

Warm and intriguing, the musky florals are reminiscent of the age-old incense scent, and create a sense of mystery and exoticism.  Notes of sandalwood, frangipani and red rose dance around a complex floral centre.

Tonka Bean & Myrrh

A sweet oriental accord opening with a burst of citrus freshness, blending lemon, grapefruit and bergamot leading to a heart of magnolia, heliotrope, rose, iris, lily, jasmine and plum on a base of cedar, amber, Patchouli, myrhh, tonka bean, orchid, guaiac wood, vanilla and musk. 


A slightly more masculine fragrance, this rich scent evokes the feeling of an old library with bound books, old pages and creaking floors. That slightly musty, hazy and romantic library of old. It is such a deep fragrance with lots of mid and base notes that make it so full, rounded and complex that it ‘feels’ real.

Sandalwood & Musk

An opulent blend of fresh animalic musk and sandalwood with supporting notes of earthy orris and vetiver.

Wood Smoke & Vanilla

Featuring siam wood, yellow mandarin, saffron and vanilla over base notes of lapsang, souchong tea essence, coumarin and ambergris this is a complex yet delicate fragrance that will fill your room but not over-power.

Moroccan Spice

Capture the spirit of the Bazaar with top notes of orange and green hints. The middle of jasmine, orris root, pine resin, orchid are complemented by hints of patchouli. The bottom has woody hints with incense, amber, rose, spicy, strong musks and vanilla.

Le Rouge

A masculine aromatic woody accord opening with citrus medley of bergamot, orange & rosemary. The heart of this fragrance is a modern complex blend of almond, jasmine and Tonka, resting on a base of leather, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, amber, vanilla and musk. 

Arabian Oud & Musk

A rich, intense musk fragrance intermingled with delicate floral notes of geranium and rose, rounded off with notes of oudh and also musk notes.

Incense & Embers

A warm, comforting woody amber fragrance with incense, soft precious woods, cedarwood, patchouli, vetivert and crystal amber infused with hints of aromatic wood smoke. 

Smoke & Mirrors

The tendrils of burning incense with a sweet spicy, resinous undertone perfectly recreate the excitement and mystery of running through a house of mirrors. 

Sandalwood & Black Pepper

Make yourself comfortable and settle in an elegant vintage gentleman's study with this bold and complex scent.  Seamlessly blends woody and spicy aromas that warm and soothe.

Black Iris & Musk

Sparkling Bergamot & Mandarin zest tempered with a creamy sweet vanilla custard. Hints of spiced incense pave the way for creamy blossoming night jasmine, before drying off with sultry sandalwood.

Cigar Lounge

With a smooth and smoky scent, our Cigar Lounge Fragrance Oil brings a sense of sophistication. The fragrance captures the fun of great nights at a fine cigar club, ensconced in plush leather sofas, a glass of rum in hand and cigar in tow. It gives off a complex combination of citrus, tobacco and leather aromas with a hint of spice.

Arabian Princess

Fresh green top notes sit amidst a fresh citrus basket, quickly blending into a heart of warm patchouli and heady jasmine blossom. Complimented perfectly by a base of soft sweet woods, sensual amber, musk and vanilla bean.


A warm Luxurious indulgent scent of precious amber and incense with radiant woods of cedar and vetiver, earthy patchouli, musk and vanilla.

Rosemary & Bay Wreath

Welcome in the season with this green floral fragrance where aromatic rosemary, bay leaves and lemon zest are wrapped around a heart of pretty muguet blossoms, clary sage and cyclamen. The base of soft woods and musk adds depth to the fragrance.

Izzy Miyake Male

Similar in scent to the well known men's aftershave. A blend of citrus, precious woods and spices. The pure, energising scent is perfect for a modern, independent man.


A rich sensual floral fragrance with powdery soft top notes of rose and warming nuances of sweet magnolia, elements of soft lily and carnation are also supported by a soft base of soft sandalwood, musk, vanilla and amber.

Halloween Fragrances

Burning Broomstick

A warm, comforting woody amber fragrance with incense, soft precious woods, cedarwood, patchouli, vetivert and crystal amber infused with hints of aromatic wood smoke.

Magic Cauldron

A rich intoxicating aroma of honey flower, crushed tobacco, warm amber, tonka bean and sandalwood. Combined with hints of patchouli, leather and bourbon on the rocks.

Ghostly Walk

This scent is terrifyingly good. It's guaranteed to be spellbinding, memorable, and most of all, spine-tingling!  This ghostly encounter is a surreal union of floral, sweet and spicy notes.

Christmas/Winter Fragrances

Winter Honeysuckle & Elderflower

This fragrance invites you to embrace the charm of winter florals. With a burst of refreshing citrus, combining the zesty essence of mandarin and lemon with the sweetness of winter berries.


A sweet, sprightly aroma that begins with gourmand top notes of cotton candy, sugared summer strawberries and candied lemon frosting. The middle of the fragrance is an exotic blend of juicy raspberries, coconut milk and a corsage or sweet violets, jasmin and linden blossoms. Enriching the fragrance further, are warming base notes of sandalwood, musks, vanilla and coumarin spice.

Christmas Cake

A spicy edible seasonal type accord with notes of raisins, figs, hints of pear, cinnamon, clove and vanilla, evoking Christmas cake.


Cold and in need of a treat?  Wrap yourself in a comforting cocoon of Nutcracker as its mouth-watering scent fills your space. The aroma of freshly roasted chestnuts and walnuts mingles with the soft, spicy nuances of white ginger, cinnamon and clove, creating a symphony of warmth and comfort that's good enough to bite into.

White Cocoa & Christmas Cookies

A fragrance that captures the magic Christmas preparation, freshly baked cookies, topped with creamy white chocolate soothing and yet tantalizing your taste buds, filling the home with its sweet rich and mouth-watering aroma, of crushed biscuits emerge, surround by the love Christmas time brings. The base notes of vanilla add the finishing touches of warmth, accompanied by the sweet sugary icing and hints of vanilla extract. Perfectly harmonised to create a fragrance that is sweet, festive, and fun.

Blackberry Frost

A delicious blend of seasonal berries with a fresh top note of mint, leading into a dark fruity heart of cassis, blackcurrant, plum, strawberry, apple, raspberry and blackberry with delicate herbs and a hint of spice all on a base of musk and sweet woods. 

Cocoa & Log Fire

Glowing embers from a well-established hot, hearty and crackling log fire with creamy, sweet cocoa notes.

Winter Fireside

The warm, aromatic aura of the passion of Autumn and Winter Nights with frankincense immersed in warm amber, rock rose and myrrh. These are complimented by three regal woods from the Orient; cedar, vetivert and patchouli. Great all year round fragrance.

Frankincense & Myrrh

Step into a realm of gilded elegance with this beautiful fragrance. Notes of bergamot and lily of the valley weave themselves into a fruity and musky symphony, captivating your senses and recreating the excitement and opulence of holiday parties.

Sandalwood & Myrrh

Embrace the warmth of the woody accord with notes of geranium, cedarwood, sandalwood, ylang ylang, creamy vanilla, and soft musk, this scent embodies refined sophistication and timeless allure.

Frankincense & Sweet Orange

This frangrance can be helpful for stress, insomnia and anxiety. Create a soothing atmosphere around you. Excellent for use over the festive time or indeed all year round.

Christmas Pudding

Prepare yourself for a wonderfully festive treat. Our delectable Christmas Pudding fragrance consists of an aromatic mix of traditional spice and citrus aromas.

Frosted Cranberries

A delicious edible aroma opening with a festive red berry blend of cranberry and raspberry, followed by green apple and grape with citrus hints. All this rests on a sweet, powdery base of warming vanilla. 

Christmas Spice Cookies

A freshly baked festive treat with the sweet smell of vanilla and butter, alongside cinnamon, ginger and clove. Experience the sensation of delicious cookies straight from the oven.

Festive Fall

Your taste buds will be dancing with this luscious medley of brown sugar, cinnamon, infused with nutmeg, cocoa, maple, walnut, citrus and caramel. A totally mouth watering aroma to celebrate heart warming times.

White Christmas

Relive the magical aura that surrounds the festive season and evokes imagery of dazzling snowflakes caressing the frozen winter grounds. It's a fresh and dynamic aroma that embodies the spirit of Christmas.

Apple & Cinnamon

Treat yourself to a warm slice of spiced apple pie.  Bursting with the delicious aromas of cinnamon, apple, and orange, this festive blend is good enough to eat!

Orange & Cinnamon

A beautiful combination of sweet orange and classic cinnamon.  This uplifting and unforgettable scent shouldn't only be indulged around Christmas; it deserves to be

ever-present all year round.

Frosted Plum

A natural juicy plum fragrance enhanced with notes of peach and nectarine resting on sweet vanilla and hints of tropical coconut and mango.

Toasted Marshmallow

Indulge in the warmth and nostalgia of a crackling campfire with this fragrance.  A sensory journey inspired by the beloved scents of a popular bath bomb retailer. Immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of freshly toasted marshmallows, capturing the essence of cozy gatherings around the fire.


A sweet and spicy fragrance that effortlessly evokes feelings of homely comforts and warm cinnamons buns on a cold winter morning. This beloved fragrance provides a gracious and comforting ambience.

Snow Fairy

This fragrance provides you with a fresh, sweet and uplifting bubble gummy scent.  

Similar to the scent by the popular high street bath bomb retailer.

Santa's Tipple

A rich, intoxicating mouth-watering, fruity alcoholic accord combined with notes of apple, lemon and a hint of toffee with a spicy ginger, cinnamon and a mouth-watering fizz brings this fragrance to a close. 


The combination of gourmand notes of cookie, vanilla and caramel with the kick of warming spice is perfect to recreate the fun of winters past.


The wonderful aroma of fresh peeled apples with zesty top notes of lemon and grapefruit, middle notes of peach, orange, cinnamon and clove.

Mulled Wine & Berries

A warm, seasonal accord recalling mulled wine and including apple, sweet berries, wine, brandy, orange, clove, ginger, cinnamon and vanilla.

Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon Explosion

An explosive burst that captures the vibrant and festive spirit of Christmas, opening with the tangy and fruity notes of cranberry and orange, instantly igniting a sense of excitement and anticipation. Cranberries bring a tart and juicy aroma, reminiscent of holiday cranberry sauces and cocktails. The orange adds a zesty touch, evoking the scent of freshly peeled oranges that decorate family homes.

Pumpkin Spice

In love with the Pumpkin Spice Latte? You're not the only one! Treat yourself to a slice of autumn goodness with this delicious blend of gourmand, fruity and spicy aromas.

Frankincense & Lemon

Introspective frankincense and elevating lemon essential oils combine in this room diffusion, specially designed for meditation practice.

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