Welcome to Sarah Miller Candles.

I have now been in business for over two years. 

I am so pleased that my business has gone from strength to strength,

with many loyal and new customers.

I pride myself on my very extensive list of fragrances.


My Tinned Candles burn for 8 hours and are all highly fragranced. 

Made from Soy Wax they have a slow burn with maximum fragrance.

My Glass Jars burn for between 35-40 hours. 

They are strong smelling and can be refilled.

My Car/Small Space Diffusers give a long and lasting scent to small areas,

especially cars, single rooms, wardrobes, drawers, etc.,​

I am now making Snap Bars, sold in packs of 3, same fragrance. 

Each bar contains 5 thick chunky pieces of highly scented wax that you simply "snap" off and place in a tealight burner.

Decorated with simple coloured glitter.  They come Gift Wrapped. 

The fragrance is long lasting.

I also make my own chunky heart shaped Wax Melts, they each release a long and lingering scent when melted.

There comes in mesh bags containing 10 Wax Melts of the same fragrance.

I am now selling Incense Sticks.  These are proving very popular. 

Each stick burns approximately for just over an hour, but rest assured that the fragrance lingers for hours afterwards.

My Room Diffusers are highly fragranced and fill your room with a lingering scent.

They are sold with 6 Fibre Black Reed Sticks for maximum fragrance travel.

My Glass Jar Candles have a 35-40 hour burn time.

 My 3 Wooden Wick Crackle Glass Bowl Candles are proving extremely popular.

The crackling sound is so relaxing, along with a long and lingering fragrance of your choice.  Perfect as a gift for any occasion.

All my products are handmade individually to order. 



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If you see a fragrance on my list that you cannot see when you try to order, please let me know and I will put it on immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to browse my Website.



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