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My Range of Products

My range of products has increased since I began making candles in 2018.

I am always thinking of new items and new fragrances.

Below is a full list of all that I offer.

My prices have remained the same since I started and range from £3.25 to £24.99

3 Wooden Wick Crackle
Bowl Candles 55cl

Sit back and relax with the calming "crackling" sound of these Crackle Candles.

Room Diffusers 100ml

My Room Diffusers will fill any room with fragrance.
Each Diffuser comes with 6 black fibre reeds.

Room Sprays 60ml

My Room Sprays will freshen any room with fragrance.

Glass Jar Candles 29cl

Stylish Glass Jars giving hours of strong fragrance.

Bubble Bowl Candles 37cl

These Bubble Bowls will add a touch of elegance
to any room.
Over 80 hours of burn time.

Concrete Bowl Candles 50cl

These bespoke Concrete Bowls can be re-filled
or re-used.

Concrete Oval Bowl Candles 40cl

These bespoke Concrete Oval Bowls can be
re-filled or re-used.
35 hours of burn time.

Concrete Triangle Jar Candles 10cl

Perfect for bathrooms!  Perfect for a bespoke gift.

Glass Ramekin Jars

Another product that is perfect for a relaxing bath.

Wax Melts
£3.25 for 10 Melts

My Wax Melts are shaped like roses.
They come in a pretty mesh tie bag.

Car/Small Space Diffusers

The perfect way to freshen your car or small space.

Incense Sticks

My Incense Sticks will leave your rooms with a strong scent even when they have burnt out!
Packs of 10.

Tinned Candles 100ml

My Tinned Candles are very popular, they were the first product that I sold and they are still selling fast today!

image (9)_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Snap Bars
£4.95 for 3

3 Highly Fragranced Snap Bars decorated with a sprinkling of dried flowers.

20220804_132618 (1)_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

£2.95 per Bar

Individually made scented Soap Bars. 
Gift Wrapped.

£4.95 for 10

Ten perfect Tealights, beautifully fragranced.

Wardrobe Fresheners
£4 each

Hang these beauties in your Wardrobe or Toilet, anywhere really.  Highly fragranced. 
Infused with dried flowers.
3" x 2" x 1/2"
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