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My Range of Products

My range of products has increased since I began making candles in 2018.

I am always thinking of new items and new fragrances.

In addition to my new Concrete range - below is a full list of all that I offer.

My prices have remained the same since I started and range from £3.25 to £24.99


Glass Bowl Candles

Add a touch of elegance to any room with these beautiful glass bowl candles.

Room Diffusers.

My Room Diffusers guarantee a long lasting fragrance in any size room.  They come with 6 high quality black reeds for even distribution of your choosen fragrance.  £14.99.


Square Glass Jars.


Beautiful square glass jars.  £7.95.

3 Wooden Wick Crackle Candles.


Enjoy a relaxing "crackling sound"
from these 3 wooden wick candles.  


Tinned Candles.

Very popular Tinned Candles.  


Wax Melts.

These soft pink coloured wax melts
come in pretty mesh bags. 
You get 10 chunky heart melts
in total.  £3.25.


Incense Sticks.

My incense sticks provide a long
lasting fragrance long after they
have gone out. They come in packs
of 10.  £5.00



These little glass candles have a burn time of over 24 hours!
Unique addition to any room.  £5.95.


Tealight Candles.

My tealight candles make a fabulous
addition to your bathroom or in
your tealight holders.  They come in
packs of 10.  £5.00


Snap Bars.

My chunky snap bars give long
lasting fragrance in a burner. 
They come in bars of 3. 


Car Diffusers.

My car diffusers are guaranteed to
fill your car or small space with
a long lasting fragrance.

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